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resources for managing change

July 30, 2009

in change

i’m honored to be guest blogging about change efforts on fistful of talent (date TBD). while writing this post, i revisited some preferred sources on managing and communicating change, and even found a few new ones.




i’m curious — what would you add to this list? which would you dispute?


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paynewalker August 11, 2009 at 11:01 am

I've been knee deep in a change effort for about the past two years where I work and I'm finally up to my chin in it. I'm the youngest of 5 management team members so I believe my youth may be causing me to see problems and solutions differently than the other team members and that can become very frustrating to a newer, younger manager. I just finished reading “Ahead of the Curve; a practical guide to strategic planning” and found it very refreshing. It stresses the need for simplicity in pretty much all that we hope to accomplish and many of the other things John Kotter stresses in Leading Change. For months Leading Change was my go to source to help me understand many of the issues our management group faced. I must have read it 15 times and imagine I'll be re-reading Ahead of the Curve several more times in the coming weeks and months. I'm so glad I didn't see “The Rockefeller Habits” on your list of recommendations. If anyone cares to hear more about my experiences with “The Habits” let me know.


fran August 12, 2009 at 11:30 am

hi, payne. i’m not familiar with this book. is the full title ahead of the curve: a guide to applied strategic thinking?

frankly, i think coming in with a fresh perspective is a great asset to any team. even if you end up in the same place, this new perspective can cause you to consider alternatives and affirm your thinking. thanks for reading and commenting, f


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