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annual enrollment, one tweet at a time

August 12, 2009

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in an earlier post about ways to emphasize wellness in your annual enrollment communications, i mentioned work i did last spring with beth gleba, internal information manager at ikea north america, llc, on their upcoming annual benefits enrollment.

as part of our planning, we talked about twitter. we love the tool and think it has great application for helping people find resources in a just-in-time fashion.

at that time we wondered if twitter could be used as another annual enrollment communication channel. it has so many pluses:

√  easily digestible

√  accessible outside the workplace

√  drives people to important information

√  goes directly to any follower (e.g., spouse, dependent)

√  allows for conversation and individual support

√  opens the door to future tweets on a variety of human resources topics

√  no cost

we went ahead and created a strategy to use twitter for annual enrollment and to expand the content afterward. in the current issue of employee benefit news, you can read the case study and an elaboration on some of these benefits in an article by jennifer benz, beth’s and my partner in crime. if you’re interested in learning more about ikea’s annual enrollment communications, our work is featured on my website. you can also comment, tweet, or… whoa!…call.


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