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the master communicator’s back

September 10, 2009

in communication

on tuesday, i shared what i deemed head-slapping communication mistakes in the health care reform debate. last night, obama addressed congress fully aware that this was a pivotal moment.

from the beginning, he indicated that he’s learned from his communication missteps. he laid out what he expects from the country, congress, insurance providers, and us as individuals. and he told us what we can expect from him and how and where he’ll bend—and where he won’t. after the speech was done, a new website was revealed that clearly detailed how he sees health care affecting the insured, the uninsured, and us as a collective. and for those who receive emails, personalized notes with a call to action were already in our inbox.

but far (too far) into his speech, obama uttered the words that will be the ones to stay with us.

“we did not come to fear the future, but to shape it.”

i’m sure for many, these words bring to mind kennedy’s “ask not what your country can do for you.” they did for me, and i wasn’t even alive to hear or read those words at the time. as with kennedy, obama spoke these words and gave people something big to rally behind and be a part of.

yes, he hit some false notes. yes, the actual outcome of health care reform is far from clear. yes, people still have questions and more specifics are needed.

still—with these words, obama reclaimed his master communicator status.

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