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weight watchers snack widget

November 9, 2009

in wellness

“sensible yumminess.” i’m stealing that phrase.

delivering this is what weight watchers’ snack widget is about—yummy stuff without the baggage, literally and figuratively. go ahead, give it a whirl. type in your favorite treat and see what pops up.

thankfully, the widget matches like-to-like. you type in “cookie,” you get a treat, not a bogus replacement. but if you typed in anything, you probably noticed the single biggest detraction: all roads point to weight watchers.

that’s too bad. weight watchers could let the widget teach us how to make better choices by including normal food among the alternatives. you could say, well, that’s business. but it’s a curious and limiting decision given that their mobile app helps you select from real-world options.

so while the widget’s available to all, it’s most useful for people in the program and companies offering it. individuals can go straight to the snack widget website. companies can embed the widget in their benefits website, adding a splash of interactivity and a dose of knowledge without sending employees away from their site.

easy as pie. mmmm, pie…


note: the snack widget recently won a sncr 2009 excellence in new communications award.

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