wellness roundup: november 21

November 21, 2009

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this week’s roundup —

1. weighing in with something light

(i’ve obviously lived with my punning husband too long.) even if i did weigh myself, i doubt i’d do it on this twitter-equipped bathroom scale. it takes the motivating forces of community support and shame to a whole new level. (courtesy of @jangles and crumple it up)

2. patients’ needs driving e-patient movement

according to a recent pew survey, more than 61 percent of adults look online for health information. while they still trust their doctors most, patients are turning to each other and experts for online information, support, and guidance. susannah fox from pew expands on the article in an interview developed with her twitter followers.

3. new screening guidelines raise questions and debate

the new mammography and cervical cancer screening guidelines have generated loads of discussion about the soundness of their recommendations and the potential for their leading to altered insurance coverage, although many insurance companies have stated they won’t change their benefits. employees are bound to be confused. companies—take this opportunity to communicate with employees about the new guidelines and to remind them to talk with their provider about their personal health history and needs.

4. malcolm gladwell on what’s tripping up health care reform

gladwell—author of tipping point, blink, and most recently, what the dog saw—discusses the importance of framing the message.

5. businessweek’s 10 ways to cut health care costs right now

a number of these suggestions relate to the workplace, with my particular favorite being #4: make health a community effort. this idea profiles a health and fitness program, delivered by a collaboration of businesses, that targets all 1.04 million people in the rochester metropolitan area.


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