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December 8, 2009

in free-ranging conversations (interviews with wellness innovators)

my free-ranging conversations series has been picked up by ragan’s healthcare marketing and communications news. if you’re unaware of this resource, definitely give it a look. the daily roundup includes information from recognized global media outlets, bloggers, and local news sources. it’s the efficient (aka lazy) person’s way to stay informed.


free-range communication:

Getting the most out of healthcare games

Is the healthcare game industry a serious business? In this interview, Melanie Lazarus, the director of marketing for Archimage Inc. and Playnormous LLC, says playing games can help children and adults change behavior, but it has to be fun. “Games are interactive and provide a safe zone to experiment and to practice what you want to achieve,” Lazarus says. Take Glucoboy. It’s a game for kids with Type 1 diabetes. Players hook up the Glucoboy meter (which reads blood levels) to their Nintendo Wii. “They get points for testing and maintaining good levels,” Lazarus says. “These points unlock more advanced games or can be converted into game currency. Playing the game changes kids’ attitudes about monitoring their levels and teaches them to be more independent.” Read more…

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