happy six month anniversary

December 17, 2009

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happy six month anniversary, everyone. it’s gone by so fast, except for my husband. he feels as if it’s been forever.

to recognize the occasion, i thought about writing a post on why i blog. hrgumbo, akabruno, and many, many, MANY others beat me to it. next i turned to writing about those things i got from blogging. also done—really well—here.


so, forget it. i’m not going for the enlightening post, although i will offer you this: standard advice is to blog what you’re passionate about. i’ve found that blogging clarifies what that is—and it may surprise you. there’s absolutely no way to dedicate the time and maintain the interest if you’re writing about what’s merely ho-hum to you. next time you’re wandering in a career funk, take up blogging. i’ll wager you’ll have the answer in six months, if you’re willing to hear it.

anyway, back to being neither existential nor informative.

i’ve loved my blogging journey. the act of blogging has freed me to write in my voice, not my clients’. it’s forced me to stay sharp, made my courage snowball bigger, and connected me with amazing people.

when i started this blog six months ago i had no idea the friends i’d make and the support i’d receive.

i’d really like to hear what you liked, what you hated, what you learned, what you’d like more of and what you’d like less of in the coming months. it’s all good if i’m having a blast. it’d be better if you were too.

thank you for reading, commenting, challenging, and sharing.


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