cohealth twitter chat kicks off tomorrow (1.20.10) 12 p.m. EST

January 19, 2010

in cohealth

cohealth, for those who missed the launch post, is a wellness knowledge co-op made up of two social networks: a monthly twitter chat and a ning community group. tomorrow’s the launch of the first monthly cohealth twitter chat, from noon to 1 p.m. est.


cohealth 2

  • what fires you up about workplace wellness?
  • what drives you mad about it?
  • our group norms and needs

to join:

  • we’re facilitating all conversations via @co_health, so start following @co_health now.
  • during the chat, be sure to include “#co_health” in your tweets so we can respond to and learn from your thoughts.
  • an easy way to join a chat is via tweetchat (which shows only tweets from your twitter chat and automatically adds your hashtag) or humana’s tweet positioning system (tps).

if you can’t join us tomorrow:

  • don’t despair. we’ll post a synopsis on cohealth’s ning site, which will also launch wednesday. the site lets us share recommended events and resources, conduct polls, and hold discussions. how we’ll use it—and what additional functionality we’ll need—will be up to all of us.
  • be sure to mark your calendar for the next cohealth twitter chat: wednesday, february 17.

’til tomorrow,


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