what the heck is health 2.0? and is it achievable?

February 11, 2010

in wellness

health 2.0, in a nutshell and as it concerns companies, is using technology to make it easier for patients (employees) and providers to collaborate on improving health. a great conversation about whether health 2.0’s promise is achievable has been taking place across several blogs. if you manage or communicate about workplace health and wellness programs and have ever wondered, “what’s the point?” or moaned, “i can’t get through to employees!,” read the posts below. you’ll find (a) you’re not alone and (b) food for thought.

what’s the point of health 2.0?, susannah fox, pew internet project researcher

thoughts on “what’s the point of health 2.0?” firestorm: technology’s not the issue, fard johnmar, walking the path

weight, diet and writing things down: is this what you call health 2.0?, amy tenderich, diabetes mine


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