saint-gobain adds social media to their wellness mix

March 18, 2010

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saint-gobain north america, a longtime client of mine, has been recognized multiple times by the national business group on health for their approach to workplace wellness. since we began working together in 2003, they’ve slowly incorporated social media into the mix. in this podcast, vince blando, saint-gobain’s wellness coordinator, and i talk about how they’re starting to use social media to inform and connect different audiences.

the podcast—second in an ongoing series—is designed for HR, plant managers, and their volunteer employee wellness champions. i’ll be talking with their director of employee benefits about these podcasts, their overall approach, additional communication efforts, and the results of their efforts in an upcoming free-ranging conversation.

my learning from listening? i say “um” far too often. but as there’s good reason for the use of “um,” i can get over it. your learning? let me know.


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