a mother recovers her daugther through film

April 22, 2010

in wellness

i’ll eat breakfast.
ill keep a job for more than 3 weeks.
i’ll have a boyfriend for more than 10 days.
i’ll love someone.
i’ll travel wherever i want.
i’ll make my family proud.
i’ll make a movie that changes lives.

– excerpted from article and melissa’s journal

those who’ve been reading my blog for a bit, know that i had bulimia through my 20s. that experience gave me much greater compassion for anyone struggling with some type of addiction or hurdle, whether they were deep in it or the semi-helpless observer. it also made me deeply committed to removing the stigma associated with eating disorders. if you haven’t faced something this huge—and i hope you haven’t—read a mother’s loss, a daughter’s story now. and be on the lookout for the documentary. i know i will.


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