want your employees to do more, be adaptable, and work well with others? make them take vacation.

June 19, 2010

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i’ve never been the sort to brag about how many vacation days i couldn’t take, mostly because there weren’t any left. i take vacation. and since living in the U.K., i take loooong vacations. that means i don’t work. at all. and by not working, i prepare myself for work by having adventures that keep me flexible, interacting with folk (and cultures) different from me, reading books that jolt my thinking, and giving my brain time to cogitate.

the bravado, and now the economic uncertainty, that keeps us from taking vacation drives a lot of unhealthy behaviors, beginning with our sustaining a culture that confuses longer hours with better results. for those of us using social media, the endless churn of information instills in us the sense that we need to contribute or we’re forgotten. then there are those who would call this conversation a joke. they can’t even consider taking a vacation because they have no paid vacation days.

who’s to say we can’t change that—starting here, starting now?

our last vacation was a stinging reminder of how not to manage a change effort. let’s see what this vacation brings. see you in july.


[image: rob kopf, moorish castle of lanjaron, 2007]

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