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thumbs up for these SXSW 2011 health panels

August 13, 2010

in wellness

siskel and ebert got nuttin’ on my thumbs. here’s a list of panels from the SXSW 2011 health track that i’m eager to attend. some are friends. all cover issues important to workplace wellness. when you vote, be sure to check them out.

health and wealth: economically viable health online — @nickdawson

health privacy: can health insurance companies be social — BCBS minnesota, @ymmat

will online patient communities replace primary care — @chimoose

dr. wikipedia: can we trust online health information? — edelman digital

take two, don’t friend me in the morning — edelman digital

health: is there really an app for that? — @healthythinker

improving patient’s health literacy through technology and design — health literacy missouri

patients/caregivers on facebook: establishing boundaries without barriers — @edbennett

creative alternatives: what if we reinvented health care today? — frog design

mobile health in africa: what can we learn? — @textandshout

play for your life — gaming for health — humana

suicide mission: how text messages can save lives — @hallicious and healthcentral.com

and, natch, mine: employee wellness: face or untapped potential?


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