a word to all health communication professionals

September 1, 2010

in health communication

“If I’m a “regular” patient, I simply nod my head, take the next prescription, get a pat on the back, make the next appointment and hope (and even pray) that it’ll work.

This time.

When it doesn’t, I think: This is my fate. Or worse, maybe I’m imagining it (hail to the SSRIs).

But, I’m not a regular patient. I’m pissed and I want answers. Getting those answers is where all those “e’s” come in. I’m proud of those e’s. Proud to have stepped beyond a place of relative ignorance over the years in to something that is…yup, you got it: Empowered. Educated. Enlightened. E-cubed. E-patient.”

this fabulous quote comes from me—an ‘e-patient’—unedited. if you’re in any way involved with employee health and wellness, do yourself a favor and read it.


(hat tip to @epatientdave for sharing the link.)

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