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testing the cohealth workplace wellness paper.li newspaper

September 30, 2010

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paper.li is a relatively new service that takes daily tweets and turns them into a newspaper. the upside is that it turns content into a far more user-friendly experience and it’s accessible on the web or by email subscription, reaching people who might not be on twitter. the downside is that you can’t control the content as much as i, at least, would like. when you create a paper.li newspaper, you choose whether the newspaper is made up of your tweets and those of your followers, the tweets from a dedicated hashtag, or the tweets from a twitter list. you can’t fine-tune, cull or curate only the top-notch content from the lot.

over the last few days i’ve been testing one for cohealth, a workplace wellness tweetchat i co-founded with greg matthews. if you’re unfamiliar with our tweet chats, they take place every third wednesday of the month from noon to 1:00 ET. during the chats, we cover a variety of topics of interest to anyone involved in workplace wellness. you can read more about them here. our next chat is october 20; please join in.

here’s a portion of our most current cohealth daily, drawing from the tweets of our cohealth twitter list. to view the full paper, click the image. tell me what you think:

  • is a paper that delivers current content about workplace wellness valuable to you?
  • to make it more valuable, what people, media resources or health care resources on twitter give you the most valuable workplace wellness-related content?

cohealth workplace wellness daily
more on paper.li:

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