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next cohealth tweet chat: wednesday, november 17

November 12, 2010

in cohealth

2010_09 cohealth

be sure to mark your calendar for next week’s cohealth tweet chat, ‘cuz it’s going to be a good one! we’re talking about employee wellness champions, both formal and informal. here’s what we have on tap to discuss:

  • what’s the role of employee champions in workplace wellness programs?
  • what traits make a successful champion?
  • how do you recruit champions?
  • do you outline job duties for your champions (time, knowledge, training)?
  • do you use incentives? if so, what and how?
  • how do you support your champions (training, targeted communications, etc.)?
  • how do you measure their effectiveness?

join us on november 17 at 12 noon ET. to get savvy about tweet chats, read this.


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