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cohealth tweet chat: mental health at work (dec 15, noon ET)

December 9, 2010

in cohealth

for our next cohealth tweet chat, we’re zeroing in on the connection between mental health and work performance and productivity—a costly connection and one potentially underserved as well.

Employer Cost

we’ll be discussing:

  • how do mental health issues affect the workplace?
  • what programs and services are effective at addressing mental health and stress?
  • where have those who manage wellness programs felt limited or frustrated?
  • what’s the manager’s role? what support do they need from us?
  • how can social media be used to destigmatize mental health?

ben miller (@miller7), an expert in collaborative care and behavior change interventions, has graciously agreed to host this chat.

logistics: wednesday, december 15, at noon ET on twitter. if you’re new to twitter chats, read this.


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