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put a little health in that holiday gift

December 9, 2010

in culture,wellness

Ikea bike

imagine walking into your office and finding this all-terrain bike. that’s what happened across IKEA US stores yesterday.

“It’s been a good year for IKEA, so what better way to celebrate our success than to thank our IKEA co-workers who made this happen. Our big reveal today will be a fun day as we unload 12,400 new bikes at IKEA US locations. This is our way of saying ‘thanks IKEA co-workers for being strongly committed to working together.’ We hope this bike will be taken in the spirit of the season while supporting a healthy lifestyle and everyday sustainable transport,” commented Mike Ward, IKEA US President.

looks like IKEA’s found a way to literally wrap a message about their commitment to sustainability, health and co-worker appreciation and put a ribbon on it.

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