wellness digest—week of february 14

February 21, 2011

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a recap of last week’s wellness news that caught my eye.

1. SHRM workplace forecast: the top workplace trends according to HR professionals

this biennial report from SHRM examines the trends affecting the workplace and the steps HR’s taking to address each. (note: look for an indepth post on this report later this week.)

As it did in 2005, 2007 and 2009,
the rise of health care costs topped
the list of most important trends.
HR professionals identified the
passage of federal health care legislation as the second most important trend affecting the workplace
and the HR profession. O

“As it did in 2005, 2007 and 2009, the rise of health care costs topped the list of most important trends. HR professionals identified the passage of federal health care legislation as the second most important trend affecting the workplace and the HR profession.”

2. the impact of leader behavior on employee health: lessons for leadership development

i found this article both interesting and irritating—irritating because after calling out that specific leadership behaviors, not leadership style, can affect health, it doesn’t delve sufficiently into what these behaviors actually are.

“There appears to be a clear relationship between leader behaviors and employee health, which is a pre-requisite for good performance. Furthermore, those behaviors are specific enough to be part of an effective leadership development program.”

3. cooking with dexter: busy signal

this new york times magazine series on a dad cooking for his sons ended this sunday with a reflective article on how difficult it really is to prepare home-cooked meals. enough berating us for what we’re not doing. help us do better.

“Instead of cajoling people to get ‘back’ into the kitchen and shaming them into avoiding processed foods, it might be more helpful to work on turning out processed foods and fast foods that taste like more than just salt and grease and that don’t make kids fat and sick.”

4. show your family jewels some love this valentine’s day
last monday was valentine’s day, so i’d be remiss in not including this article and public service announcement (PSA) in my digest. you may have missed the PSA during the super bowl when it first aired. it’s part of a campaign from CBS cares for testicular cancer. i like the ad for its line, “why give a diamond when you can give the family jewels?” and because it doesn’t use negative messaging. the URL provided at the end brings people to the CBS site, where they can find additional information and resources. it’s a good model for companies.


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