are things going to get ugly? a growing fat stigma.

March 31, 2011

in culture

“At a time when global health officials are stepping up efforts to treat obesity as a worrisome public health threat, some researchers are warning of a troubling side effect: growing stigma against fat people.”

a new report finds that fat stigma may be on the rise and going global. the new york times and others are writing about it today. the topic’s so controversial, the site hosting the study crashed earlier.

we’re already seeing more people willing to ding the other guy when he doesn’t make healthy choices. (see towers watson report, page 9.)  now we may see people ready to pounce on others they perceive as too lazy or disinterested in losing weight—especially if they figure these people are affecting their pocketbook. they’ll ignore the social and environmental reasons people become obese and the fact that blaming people doesn’t do squat to change their behavior.

are things going to get ugly?


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