cohealth tweet chat: the wellness police? (march 17 at noon ET)

March 4, 2011

in cohealth

we’re moving march’s cohealth tweet chat by one day. mark it down, as you won’t want to miss this chat about “the wellness police.”

when do employee wellness efforts go from engaging to enforcing? that’s the question we’ll pose during our march tweet chat. we’ll discuss surcharges, penalties and bans. no-hire policies. links to performance management. and more.

here’s some food for thought for our discussion:

should wellness goals be added to performance objectives?
can you require workers to work in a company garden?
how do you feel about a junk food-free workplace?
do you get to tell me when to exercise?

cohealth’s tweet chats are typically held the third wednesday of every month from noon to 1 pm ET. new to tweet chats? Read this.

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Vishal November 14, 2015 at 7:54 am

Thank you for this explanation of juoenry work and how it can change our lives. We can all benefit from clearing out whatever is in the way of success and authentic life.


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