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August 15, 2011

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i can’t be any plainer: i want your vote.

i’ve submitted a panel for south by southwest 2012, and my fellow panelists and i need your vote to be accepted as speakers.

health games for all: employer, employee & public

as the title of our panel suggests, we’re interested in exploring health games at work—their design, their effectiveness, their future. joining me on the panel is rajiv kumar, m.d., CMO and co-founder of shapeup; trapper markelz, head of product at meyou health; sean mcnattin, vice president, product management, wellness at unitedhealth group; and bryce williams, director, wellvolution, blue shield of california. we have a lot of experience among us and varied takes on what’s needed and what works, which will make for good discussion and debate.

here’s a snippet from our submission:

“What can health games for employers accomplish? What are the pros and cons of focusing on individuals as employees versus solely as consumers? How can focusing on engaging the employee positively affect public health? This panel focuses on the implementation and outcomes of health games in the workplace environment. We’ll zero in on measurement, motivation and scalability. And we won’t skip over practicality. Gamification may be cool and hot, but it means squat if your business model isn’t viable.”

how you can help

between today and friday, september 2, you can vote for our panel and leave a comment about why you think our panel will add an interesting perspective or about our caliber as speakers. public voting accounts for roughly 30% of the programming vote, and anyone can vote for what they’d like to see presented at the conference—whether they’re attending or not. since most presentations are videotaped, even those who don’t attend get something out of choosing the lineup.

to vote, head over to SXSW’s panelpicker and set up an account. then you can search for our panel and vote for it—or you can come back here, hyperlink to our panel and vote. don’t just vote for mine, though. there are many stellar health entries, so take time to read all of them.

thanks for your support! last year was the first year for a health track, and it was, hands-down, the most consistent track in terms of quality of thought and speaker. i can’t wait to see what this year holds.


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