internet access is not equal across america. employers take heed.

September 16, 2011

in e-patient,health communication

more and more employers are moving their benefits communications and enrollment process online. all things being equal, this makes sense when you consider the ease of updating, the number of homes with internet access and the number of americans who use a smartphone.

but all things are not equal. take a look at this map that compares internet speeds for residential customers. seconds might seem a minor inconvenience, until those seconds stretch into minutes stretch into crashes.

internet speeds in america

internet access plays an increasingly crucial role in how well we take care of our health. when people are online, they’re more connected, more engaged and more likely to actively manage their health. that’s why programs like comcast’s $9.95 internet access offer to lower-income families is a huge deal. (this offer was required for a merger approval. still, it’s definitely a case of the people winning.)

that’s also why employers need to think through their game plan for employees in rural areas, in particular. with slow or no access, increased prevalence of obesity and other health hurdles, these employees may never make the health strides they and their company want.


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