cohealth tweet chat: tools, tips and techniques for making workplace wellness social (october 19 at noon ET)

October 17, 2011

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we spoke about social health games during our september cohealth chat. this month we want to dive in to real-life examples of who’s doing what to make workplace wellness social. we’re going to talk tools, tips and techniques.

tweet chat agenda

here’s our starter list of questions. if you have one you’d like to add, leave it in the comments.

Q1: how are you making workplace wellness social?

Q2: what social media tools are you using? think: blogs, twitter, facebook, patient communities, social wellness solutions.

Q3: how have leaders supported your efforts? have they embraced or been skeptical (or worse) of social tools?

Q4: how have employees responded to social initiatives?

Q5: what’s your approach when it comes to different employee segments? have you created a separate social strategy for employees with chronic conditions, for example?

Q6: what are your HIPAA concerns and how are you addressing them?

Q7: how are you approaching your social strategy’s effectiveness?

about cohealth chats

cohealth tweet chats are held the third wednesday of every month from noon to 1 pm ET. you can follow us on twitter and join our linkedin group, where we regularly share information and discuss ideas, approaches and outcomes.

see you october 19.


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