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December 21, 2011

in context communication

i haven’t a clue how to write a meaningful holiday note without it being too twee. i could share my holiday wish list for my time off. i could outline the list of people for whom i’m truly grateful. i could write a top 10 list or review the wonderful projects, the creation of new products and the amazing learning i’ve experienced this year.

frankly, my wish list is meaningful to only me. i’ve spoken directly to the people for whom i’m grateful, or written them a letter. top 10 lists are arbitrary, and those upbeat end-of-year holiday letters drive me mad. i’ve always wanted to write an “onion” version.

the words in the title—tikkum olam—are hebrew and mean “repair the world.” i shared these words and their meaning with a friend this year. it’s a concept that resonated with both of us. i look at this blog and the work i do as my small part in repairing the world. so, i think i’ll play it short and sweet and say simply thank you. thank you for reading, for reaching out, for contributing to my growth. may you too do your bit to repair the world.

i’m pretty confident i failed on the twee quotient.


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