for combatting sedentary behavior, context offers the hotseat app

March 26, 2012

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by now, you’ve probably seen some of the infographics and articles on the dangers of “sitting disease.” the label may be questioned, but the effects of sedentary behavior are real. studies find that even those of us who are active can face increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions from extended sitting. that troubles me, since recent fitbit stats show me as sedentary for 17+ hours. (this includes sleep hours, so give me a break.) the average person sits for 7.7 hours per day. so it’s pretty safe to say, we should all be troubled.

today at the healthcare experience design conference, i’m sharing hotseat for the first time. hotseat’s a health app that makes it simple and social for employees to rack up activity minutes and decrease sedentary behavior. the idea for hotseat came from the studies on sedentary behavior and the clocky. i wanted to create a persistent but inviting way to get people up off of their seats. hotseat:

  • syncs with users’ calendar availability
  • schedules personally selected 2-minute activity breaks
  • encourages social support through shared breaks and group challenges
  • tracks progress and changes in activity level

hotseat works with an employee’s smartphone and social circle and within an employer’s time constraints. if you’re at healthcare experience design, see me or the atom group for a demo. otherwise, find out more here.

unseat your employees with hotseat.



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