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July 24, 2012

in cohealth

i wrote earlier about the kickoff of a quarterly cohealth book club. each quarter we’ll dedicate a tweet chat to the discussion of a book selected by the community.

the group’s chosen it’s first book. it’s persuasive technology: using computers to change what we think and do. written by BJ fogg, founder of stanford’s persuasive technology lab, this book explains “captology,” a phrase fogg coined to encapsulate all research, design and applications of technology that alter our behavior.

we’re discussing the book on wednesday, september 19 on twitter and then BJ fogg joins the cohealth checkup radio show live on wednesday, october 3 to further explore the concept. review our 2012 cohealth calendar for details and other upcoming events.

you can buy or rent the book on amazon. or—my personal favorite—get it from your local library.


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Henrique October 21, 2015 at 6:56 pm

How to deal with anger something we all can use. Thanks Karen.If we can slow down to dedice if it’s worth it to be angry, we can get over it. Good stuff!


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