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August 24, 2012

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update: this show is available for listening below. 

as employers turn to wellness programs to help them control, or at least manage, their rising health care costs, they’ve increasingly turned to incentives as well. the majority of employers reward employees for participating. but more employers are requiring employees to “show them the money” before they’ll show employees theirs.

in the employees’ case, “the money” they show isn’t their hard-earned cash. it’s a lower BMI or cholesterol level, or a completed disease management or tobacco cessation counseling program—something that shows the employer a quantifiable change in health or health status.

it’s hard to deny the inherent appeal of this outcomes-based approach. employers are looking for outcomes that give them greater confidence that they’re reducing their populations’ health risks and their costs. the fact is, there’s scant evidence to show that the outcomes-based approach to wellness works. employers are moving ahead regardless, because they feel the pressure to move forward and find what works through trial and error.

into this scene come six health organizations who, sensing the potential for poor design and disadvantaged employees, delivered guidance for a reasonably designed, employer-sponsored wellness program using outcomes-based incentives, published in JOEM. these six health organizations include the american heart association, HERO, the american cancer society, the american college of occupational and environmental medicine, the american cancer society cancer action network, and the american diabetes association.

join cohealth checkup on september 5, 2012 as we discuss these guidelines and the need for further research with our guests:

  • lauren whitsel, Ph.D.
    director of policy research, american heart association
  • jerry noyce, president and CEO, HERO
  • ron loepke, MD, MPH, FACOEM, FACPM
    vice chairman, U.S. preventive medicine, inc.
  • alan balch, Ph.D.
    vice president, preventive health partnership, american cancer society

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