cohealth checkup: the penn state wellness controversy

August 21, 2013

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in an attempt to manage health care costs and engage a larger amount of employees in their health, a growing majority of employers are shifting from incentives to penalties, participations to outcomes. these employers may be on pins and needles as they observe the media maelstrom surrounding penn state university’s (PSU) implementation of their “take care of your health” initiative.

it began with a professor, matthew woessner, who issued a call to action against the university’s initiative. this initiative requires employees to complete an assessment and get an annual physical and biometric screening each year to avoid a $100-a-month surcharge. it’s not dissimilar to what more than half of employers plan on implementing in 2014, according to the most recent national business group on health/towers watson survey on employee benefits trends.

why this man and this action? what did he hope to accomplish? on this special cohealth checkup, we spoke with matthew woessner to find out. and we invited dr. dee edington to join us and share his thoughts on the sharp turn toward “sticks” more employers are taking.


about our guests:
matthew woessner is an associate professor of political science and public policy at penn state harrisburg. dee edington is the founder and chairman of edington associates, LLC, the founder of and professor at the university of michigan health management research center, and the well-known and well-respected author of books such as zero trends: health as a serious economic strategy.

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