special cohealth checkup: dee edington and matthew woessner on carrots and sticks

August 10, 2013

in cohealth

i’m excited to announce a special cohealth checkup with dee edington and penn state professor matthew woessner. they join us for a discussion on the shift away from incentives and toward penalties to encourage healthy actions.

dee edington is the founder and chairman of edington associates, LLC, the founder of and professor at the university of michigan health management research center, and the well-known and well-respected author of books such as zero trends: health as a serious economic strategy. matthew woessner is getting attention for his call to arms against penn state’s new “take care of your health” initiative, an initiative that encourages employees to avoid a $1200 surcharge by completing a health assessment and getting an annual exam and biometric screening.

listen live: wednesday, august 14, 8:30 am EDT, 818.572.4923
listen on demand: blogtalkradio, iTunes, or stitcher.

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