taking a leave of absence from blogging

September 11, 2013

in life

i’ve been AWOL for a spell and i need to make this leave more official. without being too cagey, let me share that a member of my family is experiencing serious health problems right now and my focus is on that person and my family.

i’m lucky. i’m one of the few who has great control over work and time off. i’ll be using this advantage to limit my stress and my distractions.  wellness, right?

i’ll continue consulting, skating in and out of twitter and linkedin, and co-hosting cohealth checkup. but i’ll be severely cutting back on—if not eliminating—my blogging for an indefinite amount of time.

i’ll miss the writing and the reflection the writing demands. i’ll miss the interactions, too.

thanks for reading and for instructing me. i’ll be back.


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