headshots_2011 003roaming freely. covering a broad array of topics. mostly health-related. the free-range communication blog is a product of context communication consulting and a space to talk about communication, HR, and the connection between business and individual health and well-being. i post three to four times per week. less when work overtakes me. subscribe to make staying current easy on yourself.

about me

i’m fran melmed. i specialize in health communication, advising and assisting companies dedicated to workplace wellness. as a part of this work, i’ve created tools to help employees avoid “sitting disease” and feel more comfortable selecting a high-deductible health plan. you can read my full, more official bio here.

i write free-range communication to expand upon my work with clients. i also manage cohealth, a virtual community for those invested in workplace wellness, speak on occasion, raise two girls with my husband…attend the theater…read voraciously…eat just about anything…dance.

what’s the deal with the lowercase?

i’ve been asked why i write in lowercase. it’s pretty simple—i prefer it. but trust me, i do know how to capitalize when required.

join in, but keep it clean

i like the exchange of ideas. and i’m good with a hearty debate. if you’re interested, intrigued or annoyed by what you’ve read here, add your perspective and experience. just be respectful and courteous.

get in touch

i started this blog to foster conversation. if you have a suggestion for a post or want to learn more about the work that i do, email me at fran [at] contextcommunication [dot] com. you can also find me on twitter or call me at 1+215.922.2525.

writing elsewhere

my writing has been featured on greatist, boston college’s sloan work and family research network, the good company newsletter (a product of the american psychological association), jellyvision’s blog, worldatwork’s workspan, elsewhere. from time to time, i’m also quoted in the media.

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