jumping back in

January 9, 2015

wow, i’m rusty. i actually started writing the headline for this post in title case! some of you are aware that my mother was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in august 2013. my sister-in-law was diagnosed at the same time with stage II breast cancer. in september 2013 i decided to curtail any discretionary […]

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taking a leave of absence from blogging

September 11, 2013

i’ve been AWOL for a spell and i need to make this leave more official. without being too cagey, let me share that a member of my family is experiencing serious health problems right now and my focus is on that person and my family. i’m lucky. i’m one of the few who has great […]

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how did things go so wrong with penn state’s wellness initiative?

August 22, 2013

    incentives and penalties are two sides of the same coin. how you perceive and experience them comes down to how they’re implemented and communicated. just ask penn state, and CVS before that. right now penn state (PSU) is splashed across every newspaper, blog, and social channel. what’s brought the media to their doorstep […]

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cohealth checkup: the penn state wellness controversy

August 21, 2013

in an attempt to manage health care costs and engage a larger amount of employees in their health, a growing majority of employers are shifting from incentives to penalties, participations to outcomes. these employers may be on pins and needles as they observe the media maelstrom surrounding penn state university’s (PSU) implementation of their “take […]

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communications your employees crave: hempfest doritos bags

August 20, 2013

what it is: a legitimate doritos bag with an extra message. the seattle police department (SPD) wanted to remind attendees of hempfest, an annual rally in support of the legalization of marijuana, about staying on the right side of the law—even when that law now focuses on recreational and not criminal use. instead of distributing […]

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american heart association takes a stand against sitting disease with hotseat

August 19, 2013

between june 3 and july 31, 2013, nearly 250 american heart association employees and guests took a stand against sitting disease with the help of hotseat. they walked, they tap squatted, they shoulder shrugged. and over the two-month period, 76% found themselves more mindful of their time spent sitting and 67% took more breaks each […]

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special cohealth checkup: dee edington and matthew woessner on carrots and sticks

August 10, 2013

i’m excited to announce a special cohealth checkup with dee edington and penn state professor matthew woessner. they join us for a discussion on the shift away from incentives and toward penalties to encourage healthy actions. dee edington is the founder and chairman of edington associates, LLC, the founder of and professor at the university […]

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summer/fall cohealth checkup programming announced

August 6, 2013

we have great cohealth checkup shows planned for august through october. mark them down. you won’t want to miss these: employee wellness: there’s an app for that august 7 martha wofford and derek newell join us to talk about mobile health strategy and putting employees’ needs and preferences first. martha is the head of aetna’s […]

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with employee wellness, stop selling spartan and start selling appetizing

July 15, 2013

what do you think of when you hear something—not someone—is “healthy”? since you’re in the health space, you might think the item in question is tasty or energizing, empowering, good for your mind and body. others, however, would probably rattle off words like “unpalatable,” “not as good as,” “hard,” “denial.” “people expect something to taste […]

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cohealth checkup: cracking health costs with tom emerick and al lewis

July 12, 2013

tom emerick and al lewis, the authors of the new book cracking health costs, are known for their strong and often controversial opinions about what’s wrong with workplace wellness. in interviews, their book, and other writings, they’ve discussed their views on the dangers of health risk assessments and screenings, the massive amounts of money poured into wellness and […]

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