free-ranging conversation: greatist’s CEO derek flanzraich on creating credible, understandable, actionable health information

May 30, 2013 wants to give you credible, understandable and actionable health information. i’ve been a fan girl for quite some time, so it was with pleasure i spoke with the man behind its mission: derek flanzraich, greatist’s CEO and founder. i knew he’d have wisdom tidbits for health communicators to savor. fm: initially i thought […]

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implementing health care reform: model notices added to employers’ to-do lists

May 29, 2013

add one more thing to your to-do list, employers! the department of labor’s employee benefits security administration released a model notice earlier this month for you to send out no later than october 1, 2013. this model notice will inform employees about: the availability of the marketplace (formerly, “the exchange”) the possibility that an employee may […]

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10 experts: small changes for improved employee wellness

May 28, 2013

with june right around the corner, it’s a good time to check the status of our new year’s resolutions. by now, half of us have given up. it’s not impossible to re-engage those lost and help those still on track. this post offers employers tips from 10 health experts. it was originally published in context’s […]

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health care costs cost more than groceries, year’s worth of gas

May 24, 2013

the 2013 milliman medical index minces no words about the crushing financial burden facing the average american family. the burden doesn’t come from college costs, retirement, or the purchasing of daily goods, though those are all present too. the burden comes from the share of health care costs this family shoulders. health care costs exceed […]

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survey: workers check email, even during funerals

May 22, 2013

according to a new survey by GFI Software, email is alive and doing well in small- to mid-sized america. forty-four percent of respondents use email over other available channels, such as instant messaging (6%), face-to-face (22%), and phone (28%). they’re also quick to review and respond to email, with 76% of respondents replying within an […]

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offered increased health care costs or increased exercise, employees choose action

May 16, 2013

a study conducted by the university of michigan health system and stanford university found that employees offered the choice to pay more or exercise more chose to get a move on. according to the university of michigan health system’s website: “Blue Care Network created a buzz when it implemented one of the largest-scaled financial incentive […]

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washington employer advises new recruits it’s “vegan only”

May 13, 2013

i’ve yet to talk with someone about employee wellness without hearing about how an employer allows—if not provides—donuts or cupcakes or something similar at meetings. the underlying message is the employer can’t be serious about wellness if they’re still offering such junk food regularly. i don’t disagree. but how far is too far? the comments on […]

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tips for getting exercise into the day

May 10, 2013

i’ve been writing on hotseat’s blog about the various ways companies are helping employees get more exercise and movement throughout the day. if you’re trying to figure this out for yourself or your employees, check out these posts: we don’t exercise enough. shocked? employers take different paths to get employees stepping office furniture that makes you […]

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cohealth checkup: employee benefits trends and disruptions

May 3, 2013

our may cohealth checkup was pre-recorded in las vegas during the human resource executive health & benefits leadership conference. carol and i gathered five thought leaders to discuss the themes bubbling up at the conference. we were joined by andrew gold, VP, total rewards, pitney bowes, janet mcnichol, human resources director, american speech-language-hearing association, vlad […]

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dishes, daily steps, and behavior change

April 28, 2013

are you familiar with the cycle of aggravation? it goes something like this. you get irritated about something your spouse, parent, child, or someone does and you swallow your irritation. then you observe the irritant again, you can’t swallow your aggravation, and you blow. what the irritant is varies from person to person. it could […]

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