the five people who really deserve your thanks

November 23, 2009

in talent

those who lend a hand, go the extra mile, or give a leg up are sure to receive their due this thanksgiving. but what about those routinely misinterpreted?

let’s make this the year we rectify the situation and give thanks to those who show their support in…ummm…less conventional ways:

1. the obstructionists who tirelessly devise hurdles so we can exercise our creativity.

2. the nay-sayers who doggedly question our thinking so we might display its soundness.

3. the passive-aggressives who subtly teach us to keep our cool under any sticker in MK

4. the brown-nosers who graciously allow us to feel holier than thou.

5. the limelight stealers who selflessly shoulder the brutal attention our efforts wrought.

let’s not forget them this year. go on out and give ’em what they deserve.


[image: whatwhat]

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