the coming revolution: patient-centered care

February 9, 2010

in health communication,wellness

watch this. it’s fantastic on many levels, not least of which is its design. the video also does a tremendous job of capturing the challenges of delivering information to health consumers—your employees—in a way that helps them actually make better health care decisions.

some of the key points we as health communication and hr professionals must hear:

  • inundating people with mind-boggling data shuts down their ability to think
  • it’s critical to first consider what health challenges people face, what decisions people need to make, and how they make them before developing information to assist
  • if we are asking employees to be partners, we must treat them as such
  • we need to experiment with how we deliver information and to begin with those who are excited about trying new things
  • we’re just starting


thanks to thomas goetz for bringing this to my attention via twitter. he blogs at the decision tree. find out more about this video here.

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