the truth about logos

March 14, 2010

in communication

in the article google’s doodles: how the most amateurish logo became a masterpiece of corporate iconography, google’s logo is compared to apple’s.

google’s logo is barely a design. it’s a sketch, roughed out by sergey brin—google’s co-founder—in 1998 and only slightly modified since then. in comparison, apple crafted their logo to bring three things to mind: sir isaac newton (science and invention), the computer byte (the bite taken from the apple), and temptation (adam and eve submitting to the apple).apple-logo

news to me.

i see those messages now that i’ve been told—though the adam and eve reference is still a stretch. before, i free-associated messages based on my use of apple’s products and what i knew from others.

and that’s the essential truth about logos: despite the big bucks, design thinking, and intense focus-grouping that goes into their development, logos are what we experience, not what we see. make sure your goods back up your craft.


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