you get what you pay for

April 12, 2010

in communication


my family and i recently returned from a fantastic vacation out in arizona. like anyone else, we looked for deals when we booked our trip. the cheapest return flight was an 11 p.m. red eye that got us home at 6 a.m. (3 a.m., according to what had become our time zone over the week). booking this flight seemed like a smart decision at the time. it gave us a full extra day in AZ and  allowed us to shift the saved money to our spending budget during the trip.

companies like to play this same shell game with their communication budgets. they skip or skimp on communications, letting legal minds write their employee communications and asking the person who creates powerpoint decks with clip art to design them and IT to implement. and measurement? not even a line item. all this, despite research, articles, and anecdotal evidence that demonstrate effective communication affects employees’ understanding of and passion for everything.

you know as well as i that sooner or later, you pay. last week, we had slowly unraveling kids. companies regularly have disenfranchised employees.

next time we’ll pay upfront.


[image: onefte]

note: i was introduced to onefte by paul smith, to whom i’m exceedingly grateful. when i was writing this post, i searched through onefte’s gallery to find the right image. i didn’t find anything that quite fit, so i reached out to stuart (the talent behind the comics), who gamely and graciously agreed to share some and create others. this is only one of many spot-on depictions of corporate communication gone wrong. definitely go check out his site. you’ll laugh in recognition.

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