do employees want health information by phone or don’t they?

July 15, 2010

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i admit to being slightly befuddled by the national business group on health’s finding that employees are not yet on the social media bandwagon for health care benefit communication. granted, they only asked about facebook, twitter, and text messaging. and they asked specifically about interest in using the tool, not in how it’d be used.


their findings don’t quite match up with the latest trends in mhealth and from pew internet on mobile use and social health:

“health is social. health is mobile…if your organization’s information isn’t accessible and readable on a small screen, it’s not available at all to some groups. Now is the time to make changes to online services to account for both the popularity of mobile access and the way it is changing us as internet users.”

—susannah fox

i plan to poke further into the NBGH study. for now, you can read more from susannah and pew internet.


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