penny-pinching on health care

August 30, 2010

in health care,health communication

a new consumers reports poll highlights a serious knock-on effect of bad times: people are cutting back on health care services. they’re skipping medical care, bypassing medical tests and tinkering with prescriptions. when they are taking their prescription drugs, they’re looking for brand ones, as skepticism about generics’ efficacy and safety continues.

these health care shortcuts and penny-pinching actions should sound alarms in HR offices. they indicate the need for health communications that clarify when a plan fully covers a test, service or medication. when free preventive care segues to diagnostic care that comes with a price tag. when a generic fits the bill, or what the financial responsibility is for going with a higher tier drug.

in good times people don’t take the best care of their health. these are not those times. while employees cut back on their health care budgets, employers must do the exact opposite.


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