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October 4, 2010

in communication

it’s fall and i’m a baker. so for me, this time of year means one thing and one thing only: apple crostada. and not just any apple crostada, but food & wine’s apple crostada with brown butter streusel. it’s not only that theirs impresses while being super-simple to make—a prerequisite of mine. it’s that theirs is foolproof: they tell me what to do, when and how, and it turns out right. every time. (not like those other cooks, who shall remain nameless [martha stewart], who make it appear so effortless while omitting an ingredient or minimizing the effort involved.)

the folks at food & wine have prepared for a relatively novice baker like me. they know how i think and where i might go astray. they’re not leaving it to chance that i’ll figure out the right mix of ingredients, the right tools to use, the right steps to follow. they’re not using fancy terms i don’t recognize. they’re making sure i can do what they (and i) want me to be able to do.

the next time you consider what you want employees to do more of, less of or differently, look at it through the eyes of a recipe writer. how can you make your message foolproof?


p.s. the link to the recipe is dead, but the crostada is so good. if you want a copy, let me know. i’ll email it to you.

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