what are your food rules?

November 23, 2010

in wellness

what perfect timing. as we all set off to gorge ourselves on carbohydrates, michael pollan, author of food rules, is asking people to email him their food rules. you can read more about it here. and his email is pollan.foodrules@gmail.com.

i know my food rules are quite simple:

  • eat whole foods as much as possible
  • buy organic dairy, meat, fish and poultry
  • buy organic and local fruits and veggies, based on these rules
  • have dessert after every meal
  • eat everything, just not great gobs of anything
  • never feel guilty

that last rule is a biggie for me because of my personal food history. it keeps me from feeling denied, angry or fixated.

what about you? what are your food rules?


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