book review: hands-on social marketing

March 16, 2011

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hands-on social marketing: a step-by-step guide to designing change for good is for anyone who’s trying to influence behavior, particularly related to a health or social problem. the guide, written by nedra weinreich, provides a considerable amount of information about social marketing, theories of behavior change and the building blocks for creating a successful change effort.

if you’re unfamiliar with social marketing, nedra defines it as:

“the use of commercial marketing princples and techniques to promote the adoption of a behavior that will improve the health or well-being of the target audience or of society as a whole.”

hands-on social marketing delivers on its title. the book’s broken down into chapters, with each chapter delving deeply into the steps for creating a social marketing program: analysis, strategy development, program and communication design, pretesting, implementation, and evaluation and feedback. for those new to the process, there’s lots of  hand-holding support in the form of worksheets. for everyone, there’s a rich supply of theory, research, and stories or case studies.

the only problem i had with this information is that i know the business reality. most companies won’t commit to all of the steps outlined here, and so it’s incumbent on them or whomever they’re working with to create a pragmatic and condensed but effective approach.


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