inside shape up the nation: working through the “what ifs?” of implementation

March 23, 2011

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this is the fourth in a series of reports on my experience with a client’s 10-week shape up the nation team challenge. shape up the nation is an online, social employee wellness solution. i don’t consult with my client on this strategy or provide any communications support, so it’s strictly unbiased, experience-based reporting.

i get brownie points for toting my logbook and pedometer to south by southwest. i may be stripped of them for the events that followed.

two days back from a five-day trip, where i dutifully wore my pedometer everywhere and logged all steps and exercise minutes, i lost, yet again, my pedometer. in the same classic fashion.

i dillied and then dallied over whether to admit to my client this embarrassing tidbit or keep things mum and go out and buy myself my third pedometer. eventually, i decided to lighten up my client’s bad day and shared this un-classic toilet humor. all was restored: their better mood and my pedometer-owning status.

back in biz!

well, not exactly. seems i’ve misplaced my paper logbook, which i also dutifully toted to austin, texas.

inadvertently and not advisedly, i’ve become a walking implementation “what if?” scenario. what if employees lose the materials they need? what if their loss throws them off track? what if it also throws their team into chaos—not to mention a lower bracket? what then...?  The Worrywarts  9780064435161   Pamela Duncan Edwards  Henry Cole  Books

like the worrywarts, a favorite children’s book still quoted in my house, no implementation planning is complete until you’ve exhausted all “what if?” questions.

i’ll be back—on track, up to speed…and bungee-corded to my pedometer.


update: in a very classy move, shape up the nation read this post and sent me a new pedometer and logbook.

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