wellness digest—week of february 28

March 7, 2011

in wellness digest

a recap of last week’s employee wellness news that caught my eye.

1. mapping the nation’s well-being

have fun strolling through gallup’s interactive map of our national well-being, by condition and congressional district.

“For the last three years, Gallup has called 1,000 randomly selected American adults each day and asked them about their emotional status, work satisfaction, eating habits, illnesses, stress levels and other indicators of their quality of life…The responses are plugged into a formula, called the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, and then sorted by geographic area and other demographic criteria. The accompanying maps show where well-being is highest and lowest around the country.”

2. the transition to my real self

i’ve listened to some remarkable transgendered kids speak about their brave decision to live their life as the gender they relate to but don’t reflect. this personal story from brittany lynn roche, an adult who transitioned from male to female while working at the E.P.A., reflects the same dignity, maturity and personal strength. her story’s also a reminder that mental health often precedes physical health.

“I had reached a point where I felt I didn’t have a choice. I was severely depressed and knew I had to transition in order to be happy.”

3. white house sweats, and he’s the cause

the “he” in this article may be obama’s personal trainer, but the pivotal “he” is obama, who sets the tone, expectation and opportunity to incorporate daily exercise into a staggering 24/7 schedule.

“‘As a friend,’ Mr. Axelrod said, the president ‘has always been on my butt about this, and as a result, my butt is a little bit smaller.’”

4. obama’s workout white house: democrats as fitness fanatics

what’s motivating to one is harassing to another, as this article points out. walter shapiro takes a counter view to obama’s fitness message and drives home the challenge in focusing on health at work. note: we’re going to be talking about this during march’s cohealth tweet chat. please join.

“Without getting too legalistic, presidential comments like these might be construed as creating a hostile work environment for couch potatoes and exercise-phobes. But, of course, this anecdote and others like it were peddled to make the president look [like] a nurturing boss deeply concerned with the physical well-being of his over-taxed staff.”

5. PSFK report outlines must-know future health trends for communicators

this post shares images and a slideshare from an in-depth report on global health trends. it’s a great resource in and of itself; i also like it as an example of presenting information in an efficient and useful way.

“For health marketing communications professionals, the report offers a wealth of information that should influence thinking on how health and medical information is being transmitted and consumed by patients, caregivers, medical providers and others.”


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