cohealth tweet chat: we’ve got your number: mobile health and wellness (april 20 at noon ET)

April 8, 2011

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we love our phones. we sleep by them. we interrupt conversations to respond to them. we choose them over some surprising things. we truly can’t do without them. that’s not all bad, particularly when it comes to health. as susannah fox at pew’s internet & american life project has said, “information has become portable, personalized and participatory. once someone has a mobile device, they’re more likely to use the internet to gather information, share what they find and create new content.”

what are the opportunities with employee wellness? that’s the focus of april’s cohealth tweet chat. we’ve invited andre blackman to lead the discussion.

andre’s the director, digital communications/new media at the american heart association and an advisory board member at mayo clinic for social media. andre’s been a featured speaker/commentator and strategist on a number of public health 2.0 related conversations around HIV/AIDS, mobile health, health disparities and new forms of health journalism. he’s worked alongside organizations such as the black AIDS institute, USC annenberg school for communication & journalism, centers for disease control and prevention, U.S. department of health and human services, and the north carolina division of public health to educate and promote innovation around important health initiatives and opportunities. for just over four years, he’s written about public health and innovation on his blog, pulse + signal. you can find him on twitter as @mindofandre.

tweet chat agenda

we’ll talk about the following topics. let us know in the comments if there’s anything in particular you’d like to explore that’s not covered here.

1. what is mobile health?
2. what’s its “value proposition?” (e.g., mobility, reaching hard-to-reach audiences, monitoring/tracking data)
3. how is mobile health altering public and personal health? what are some stories?
4. how have companies used mobile health? how can they?
5. staying smart: resources to know about

presentations, articles and reports

to prepare for the cohealth chat, check out these resources andre and i’ve pulled together.

about cohealth tweet chats

cohealth’s tweet chats are held the third wednesday of every month from noon to 1 pm ET.

see you on the 20th.



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