cohealth tweet chat: designing incentives for health and engagement (may 18 at noon ET)

May 4, 2011

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we know we want employees and their families to practice healthy behaviors.

we know we have programs and services that can help.

we know we’re throwing money at the situation ($430 per person, not counting money for health fairs, lifestyle management services and more).

we just don’t know if it’s working.

that’s where paul hebert comes in. paul’s the managing director and lead consultant for I2I. he’s been interviewed by the BBC, quoted in USA today, and writes for various blogs and HR publications. he’s also a member of the cohealth community, chiming in with wisdom on incentive design from time to time.

we asked him to do more than chime in; we asked him to lead us in a conversation about incentive design for health engagement.

tweet chat agenda

we’ve created a starter list of questions. as always, we’ll be taking yours during the chat. you can also add a question now by leaving a comment.

Q1: what’s your general incentive philosophy?
Q2: what’s critical to make an incentive actually do what you intend it to do?
Q3: how can incentives support healthy behaviors?
Q4: money or non-financial incentives. which works best for what?
Q5: what are some “watch outs” when thinking about incentive design for healthy behaviors?
Q6: who’s doing it well?


here’s some of paul’s writing, to give you a flavor of what’s to come:

about cohealth chats

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see you on the 18th.



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