cohealth tweet chat recap: designing incentives for health and enagement

May 23, 2011

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this month’s tweet chat focused on the use of incentives in workplace wellness efforts. our guest was paul hebert, the managing director and lead consultant for I2I and a quoted expert on the subject of incentives.

i facilitated the chat and greg wrote the recap:

We started the chat (with Fran – @femelmed – driving the @co_health account) asking the group their favorite thing about spring … turns out that there are a lot of baseball fans in the wellness business. Who knew?

Q1: @incentintel, give us a sense of you. What’s your general incentive philosophy?

Quoting Paul directly, “incentives should be used sparingly and with great care. They don’t “make” folks do anything – simply give them choices. Incentives are blunt instruments – be careful… incentives in wellness are tough – we want quick results for breaking long-term habits – not always possible.”

Our friend Janet McNichol (@jmcnichol) also chimed in: ‘I have a @incentintel quote on my wall: a good incentive program involves many behaviors rewarded quickly in small amounts over time accompanied by genuine recognition & demonstrable progress toward the goal.’

With that as a warm-up, we dove right in to the meat with Q2: Knowing that, what’s critical to make an incentive actually do what you intend it to do?

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