will apple’s health kit for designers pass muster? who knows?

June 21, 2011

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the "tea run"

getting people to do small things regularly throughout the day is a good thing. recent research shows our continuous sitting is doing us a lot of harm, even if we participate in a killer kinect sports game from time to time.

to the rescue, at least for one group of designers—apple’s health kit. it’s a simple kit (see the complete kit here), filled with weighted mugs, post-it notes and an exercise guide. the image above is one of 70 exercises included in the guide. like this one, they’re all basic exercises that anyone can do anywhere.

conceptually, this is a great idea. does it work for apple? no clue. any solution, wellness or other, needs to work for the culture and the targeted group. apple always struck me as a pretty cool company, and designers are even cooler than that. i do wonder if they’d be caught dead doing mug curls. and i hope apple involved them in the kit’s creation.

but that’s not the point of my post.

the point of my post is that improving employee health is going to involve pratfalls. we can laugh and say that wellness sucks. we can sit on the sidelines and poke fun at the things we think won’t work. or we can push ideas and potentially fanciful notions out into the world to learn from. we’ll drop the losers and tweak the winners.

apple’s health kit may not fly. who knows? do you?




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