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September 22, 2011

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mallika chopra, intent

“what am i doing?”

what am i doing?”

this question tumbled out of mallika chopra’s mouth at the business innovation factory summit (BIF-7) in providence, rhode island this week.

it tumbled from the stage as it had tumbled from her mouth over ten years earlier while she watched the results of her hard work at MTV india: kids in india were watching scantily dressed kids dance elsewhere.

“what am i doing?!”

flash forward and mallika’s now behind, a social exercise in declaring your life’s intent with and to others.

her story echoed others we heard at BIF-7. in fact, i’d say it was an overarching theme: what am i doing?

am i doing something that feeds my soul?

am i doing something others can trust?

am i doing something that sees what can be instead of only what’s broken?

am i doing something that creates a meaningful economy?

am i doing something that improves the world?


what am i doing? ask yourself.


to learn about BIF-7, visit the BIF-7 website.

[image: android phone, if you couldn’t guess.]

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